Magnetic Heads


MAGNETIC HEADS ARE BRIGHT: like the radiant, bleached and blinding sunlight of an endless Australian sky. Formed by Jonathon Miller (a.k.a Des Miller), drummer Christopher Rudge (Dolly Rocker Movement, Flying Foxes) and guitarist Evan Lock, the sound is something distinctly from ‘here’. A heavy focus on jangling 12-string guitars, tambourines and synths is presided over by Miller’s penetrating and transfixing vocal delivery. Their first single, BLIND is reminiscent of the English new-wavers (Echo & The Bunnymen and Morrissey) and classic Australiana (The Go Betweens, The Church). Now joined by brother William on bass, and cousin-duo Lucy and Dave Kaldor, the 6-piece presents a captivating, energetic and engulfing live show that takes you back, and drives you forward. Magnetic Heads have released two EP’s, their extremely well reviewed debut: You Will Tear Down Everything That Stands In Your Way is available now from Bandcamp and iTunes and now their eagerly awaited sophomore effort: Wild Eyes, also available from Bandcamp and iTunes. Here’s what some say about the band: Indie Album of the Week (You Will Tear Down Everything): “channeling the distinct sounds and instrumentation of a genre of yore while adding a new twist” – The Brag   “Their songs veer away from traditional song structure… they sound smooth, polished but most importantly incredibly fresh and exciting” “They played one of the best live shows I’ve seen all year. Lead singer Jonathan Desmond Miller looked a bit like Bob Dylan and sounded kind of like Morrissey” – Faster Louder More information, pics, shows etc:


Wild Eyes – Magnetic Heads

Giving one huge nod to the home video stylings of the 80s, Magnetic Heads have released their video clip for Wild Eyes. Directed by Ian Backer, it features Terry Serio (33 Postcards, Little Fish) and Alyssa

Magnetic Heads – Wild Eyes

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Magnetic Heads’ new EP - WILD EYES   Melbourne Launch on the 24th July at The Workers Club, Brunswick St. w/ Ballads & Special Guests Sydney Launch on 27th of

Magnetic Heads – You Will Tear Down Everything…

We are more than pleased to present: MAGNETIC HEADS – YOU WILL TEAR DOWN EVERYTHING THAT STANDS IN YOUR WAY Magnetic Heads are bright, like the radiant, bleached and blinding sunlight of an endless Australian


Des’ band project, Magnetic Heads will be performing a semi-acoustic, super-percussive and simply irresistible set at 10pm for the first 4 Wednesdays in September Come down to the Hotel Hollywood, Cnr Foster & Campbell Streets